What care does a border collie need?

Dogs need some basic care that is common to all breeds. However, in order to know what care a border collie needs taking into account the most specific characteristics of the breed, we will review the most important points.

The border collie is a loyal dog that creates a very strong emotional bond with its owner. They are affectionate and intelligent dogs that take great pleasure in pleasing their owners, which is why they are a very common breed in agility. The border collie is a very attentive and obedient dog, but it is also a very energetic dog that needs a high level of physical activity compared to other breeds that do not need as much exercise. The owner of the border collie must be an active person with enough time to offer him the daily doses of exercise he needs, in a large space where he can develop it.

When we ask ourselves what care a border collie needs, we automatically think of its high energy level and its need for exercise, as well as relating it directly to the world of agility. But, we also have to take into account its feeding, hygiene and health, care that differs in each breed or type of dog.

Border collie care

To know exactly what care a border collie needs, we will see them point by point. The care of a dog is always the same, but with some small variations depending on the characteristics or needs of each breed or type of dog. These small differences depend largely on their size, energy level and other genetic predispositions.


Border collies have very high energy needs, so a nutritious and energetic feed is the most suitable for them. It should also have a high percentage of protein and meat as the main ingredient to cover their nutritional needs.

The sensitive stomach is also very characteristic of the border collie breed. You should try to find a food that suits them, as sometimes food causes vomiting and discomfort due to their sensitive stomach. A natural food increases the probabilities of being much better accepted, although you can also choose a food that favors the balance of the intestinal flora and improves digestion. The absence of cereals and gluten also increases acceptance, so choosing a hypoallergenic feed or one that excludes these ingredients in its composition will be more likely to be well accepted.

There are specific foods such as Tiendanimal’Criadores Alta Energía, with dehydrated chicken meat and extracts of yucca and active bifidus that facilitate digestion. A lamb feed such as Criadores Adult Lamb and Rice is also ideal for the border collie’s stomach, as this meat is much easier to assimilate and digest than chicken.

If you opt for a natural feed, Taste of the Wild or Acana are two premium brands of excellent quality that are made with high percentages of meat and healthy ingredients such as blueberries, eggs and other vegetables. If your border collie does not exercise much, take care of its diet and do not use very energetic or protein feed, since the lack of activity could lead to overweight.


The border collie can be short or medium-long haired. It has a double coat that needs to be combed at least a couple of times a week, although daily brushing is recommended. Brushing should be done with a suitable accessory for its coat, such as a carding brush. The border collie should only be bathed when it needs it because it is dirty, since it is a herding dog and does not require excessive care. So much so that, in some competitions or beauty shows, it can be penalized for an extremely clean or shiny coat. The baths, as in all breeds, should be with a specific shampoo for dogs.


Although the border collie breed does not usually have health problems beyond its delicate stomach, it is predisposed to suffer from some diseases. Hip dysplasia, skin allergies, neurological disorders and eye diseases are some diseases that occasionally affect the breed. This predisposition does not mean that your dog will suffer from them, but it is advisable to have an annual check-up with your veterinarian to observe and prevent any pathology or problem that may arise.


All dogs need the company and affection of a human, but the border collie is a breed much more attached to its owner than others. We cannot leave a border collie alone at home for many hours, as this could cause great stress and psychological problems for him. These dogs need a familiar and affectionate home, as well as a person who spends most of the day with them. It is a breed that needs time and dedication: caresses, games, long walks and activities together.

Exercise and training

The border collie should go for walks of at least 40 minutes, 3 times a day. In addition, in one of the outings you should offer him the possibility to run and spend all the energy he has. The absence of exercise and spending too much time will only cause your dog’s boredom and, as a consequence, a possible frustration and destruction of household things. Because of our way of life it is sometimes not possible to have 3 daily walks of 40 minutes with our pet, but you can change this for 1 hour of exercise every day to satisfy the needs of your border collie.

You can take him to agility courses or areas with obstacles such as tunnels, slalom or jumping for a rewarding training together. This type of training satisfies their needs and strengthens your bond, as well as making for a fun and rewarding time together. if you have a yard or garden, don’t hesitate to get them for your border collie!

Mental stimulation

These dogs also need to exercise their mind and be entertained with something that stimulates them. Intelligence games for dogs or interactive toys such as KONG or treat holders are ideal for your border collie to develop his intelligence. Always offer new challenges and toys, increasing the difficulty to make it stimulating and fun.

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