British Shorthair: Breed characteristics
The British is a strong, big and round cat. A teddy bear with a calm but playful character, affectionate and not at all independent, in other words, a perfect
Diarrhea in cats and kittens
Diarrhea is one of the most common problems in cats of this age. It is defined as an increase in the water content of the fecal matter associated with an
My cat poops outside the litter box
Felines are very hygienic animals that, in general, do not need you to teach them to use the litter tray because they have already learned it. However, sometimes
How to trim a cat’s nails
Cats have eighteen nails, ten on their front paws and eight on their hind paws, and it is advisable to cut them approximately every two or three weeks depending on the activity
Up to what age do cats grow?
Cats have been considered domestic animals or pets for more than eight thousand years. Along with dogs, these lovable animals make up the most popular group of pets worldwide. The
Can I bathe my cat?
And just as in the case of humans, it can be washed, but only if specific products are used for cats, which are suitable and do not contain harmful
The world’s smallest cat and other cat records
Some are especially different because of their size or their behavior, reasons why they have appeared in the famous Guinness Book of Records. Do you want to know more reasons why
Care of a cat
Cats make affectionate and playful pets, but it’s important to have a good understanding of their needs before you welcome one into your home. Grooming your cat isn’t
Scottish Fold: Tips, care and characteristics
Name Scottish Fold or Scottish cat Origin United Kingdom Life expectancy 12-15 years Colors Gray, white, sand, bicolor and brindle Hair Dense and smooth Height Up to 25
How to care for an orphaned newborn cat
Kittens are much more precocious than human babies and in a few months can fend for themselves. However, during the first month, and particularly the first three weeks,