What care does a border collie need?
Dogs need some basic care that is common to all breeds. However, in order to know what care a border collie needs taking into account the most specific characteristics of
Spanish Mastiff: Tips, Care and Characteristics
Name: Spanish Mastiff, Leonese Mastiff, Extremadura Mastiff Origin: Spain Life expectancy: 12-14 years Color: White, black, brindle Coat: Short, smooth, bushy Size: Giant Height: 70-80 cm Weight: 50-90
Giardia in dogs: what it is, symptoms and prevention
Giardia duodenalis is a parasite very present in the world and it is common for it to cause infections in our pets. Dogs and cats can be infected by this
Differences between ethologist and trainer, which one do I need?
What would we be without our furry friends? They are a member of the family, but sometimes their behavior can present some problems. Do you know the differences between
Irish Setter: Tips, Care and Characteristics
Name Irish Setter, Red Setter Origin Ireland Life expectancy 12-14 years Colors Red, brown Hair Smooth Size Grande Height 60-70 cm Weight 27-32 kg Temperament Friendly and sociable
Shedding hair in Pomeranian dogs
Pomeranian is the smallest breed of dog belonging to the Spitz family. One of its main attributes is its coat, which is usually very striking. This is characterized
How to take care of dogs’ pads?
Dogs’ pads are very resistant and are prepared to walk and run without being damaged. However, it is also a sensitive area to which we must pay special
Ibizan Podenco
The Ibizan Warren Hound is one of the most famous Spanish breeds in the world and has come to many homes to stay. It stands out for its
Anti-inflammatories for dogs
In this post we explain what anti-inflammatory drugs for dogs are and what they are used for, as well as how to use them responsibly and the side
My dog’s breath smells
In many occasions we find that our dog’s breath smells when he approaches us. In this article we show you some of the possible causes and the tricks