What do I need to house a water turtle at home?
Turtle tanks and aquariums for turtles and tortoises This kind of turtles need a water and a dry space to live, not much depth in the water is
Aquatic turtle feeding
If you have decided to get a turtle, you should learn what kind of care they need. Aquatic turtles are not the same as terrestrial turtles and their
What do I need to get started with a tortoise?
Reptiles in general need basic equipment to provide a habitat where they can grow and develop without getting sick. Tortoises can roam free in the house to exercise, but they
What do tortoises eat?
For your reptile to be in optimal health, in addition to the environment, you have to take into account what land turtles eat to provide a complete and balanced
Turtle Tank Heaters: A Buyer’s Guide
As cold-blooded animals, the temperature of an aquatic turtle’s environment has a huge impact on it’s health. Many guides to turtle care focus on set up and temperature
Turtle Basking Platform Buyer’s Guide
When you’ve got an aquatic turtle as a pet, your turtle basking platform (also known as a turtle dock) is the item that will make or break your