My canary no longer sings: Why?
Canaries are one of the most popular domestic birds. They are small birds that belong to the finch family. Their main peculiarities are their color and their peculiar
What do chickens eat?
The first thing you need to know is exactly what chickens eat, since many believe that they feed exclusively on grain. Chickens are omnivores, they eat everything. They
Breeding of lovebirds
How many lovebirds should I start with? We recommend that you start with a single pair and then gradually increase the number of birds. Check first how much time and
Breeding canaries at home
Differentiate and separate males from females outside the breeding season. First of all, canaries are not sociable birds by nature, so they should be kept in separate cages outside
Nymphs: an ideal bird for beginners
General characteristics of nymphs Nymphs are beautiful birds of the order Psittacidae that belong to the cockatoo family, although they are much smaller. They are native to Australia, where
How long does a parrot live?
A parrot is a bird that is especially characterized by its striking colors and its curious ability to imitate the human voice. It has a strong, hard and thick
The best domestic birds
After dogs and cats, birds are one of the most popular pets. More and more people choose to increase their family and bring joy to their home with