Nymphs: an ideal bird for beginners

General characteristics of nymphs

Nymphs are beautiful birds of the order Psittacidae that belong to the cockatoo family, although they are much smaller. They are native to Australia, where they can be found all over the country. In this article you will find very useful information when deciding whether to adopt a nymph as a pet. If you want to learn more about these fabulous animals, you can consult some of the bird books available at TiendAnimal.

Nymphs or carolinas are characterized by having a crest, like cockatoos, but their size is much smaller and they do not exceed 35 cm from head to tail. Of this length, almost half corresponds only to the long tail feathers. Their original color is gray, with yellow crests and orange spots on the “cheeks” and head, which are usually more brightly colored in males. However, when bred in captivity, other colorations have been obtained, such as copper, agate, pearl, green pinto, cinnamon and even lutino or albino.

Nymph training

It is important to accustom them to human contact from a very young age if you want to have a docile nymph. Generally, these birds enjoy sharing some time with people and are quite attached to their owners, although some do not like to be held by you. Males can sing and learn to imitate a few words, but they are much better at imitating sounds, such as melodies, sirens, ringtones or the songs of other birds. Females vocalize much less but tend to be more affectionate as well.

Although they are not as demanding as their larger cousins, nymphs need a large bird cage with plenty of room for climbing and a few nymph accessories. A few toys, perches, mirrors and other objects will keep them entertained while their owners are away. It is not recommended to mix them with other species, as they are so quiet that they can be attacked by other more extroverted birds.

Nymphs are intelligent, friendly birds and have virtually no behavioral problems. They adapt easily to family life and learn to interact and communicate with the people they love. Their life expectancy is around 15 years, but with lots of love and a good diet based on nymph food they can live more than 20 years. If you have decided to adopt one of these friendly birds, be sure to dedicate time to their training and you will have an entertaining, mentally active, healthy and happy pet.

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