Corn Snake Hide And Decor

In order to give your corn snake a sense of security, it’s important to have plenty of options for hiding or cover in its tank. Corn snakes with too much open space can get stressed due to overexposure. With that in mind, you’re going to want to give it some comfy lair options where it can hang out. Another good point to remember is that, like all animals, corn snakes need stimulation. Adding some objects for your snake to climb or explore helps keep them active and healthy.

Corn Snake Hides

Make sure that you provide hiding spots for your corn snake. One on each end of the tank is a good idea (one hiding spot on the cool side of the tank and one on the warmer end). Hides provide security and comfort for corn snakes since they are not social animals.

  • Bark hides are great and you can spot your snake enjoying its privacy from certain angles.
  • If you’re more of a utilitarian, you might be interested in plastic hide boxes.
  • Check out rock hides and rock dens

Reptile caves are an awesome addition to snake tanks/terrariums. They add a natural look to the tank and corn snakes love to coil up in these.

Corn Snake Tank Decor

Fake Plants
Decorating your corn snake’s tank is a great way to make it look like more of a natural habitat as well as a way to fill up empty space. Since snakes do not like being in big spaces are prefer hiding, decorations provide a great way to make them feel secure and at home. Fake plants do the job and look great. Make sure that you use fake plants and not real plants. Real plants can contain fertilizer that may be hazardous to corn snakes. Real plants can also attract and make insects congregate in and around your corn snake’s tank. Fake plants are definitely the easier and long-lasting option for decor.

Logs and Wood Branches

Snakes need exercise, too! Flexible vines are great and are great for creating a jungle gym for your corn snake. It is really fun to watch corn snakes explore their tank. There are great products out there that make it a breeze for you to create your miniature jungle gym masterpiece for your corn snake.

Logs are really great as well as decorations as well as a helping hand when it comes time for shedding. The rough spots provide great leverage and appropriate friction for your corn snake during the shedding process. Logs also take up a good chunk of space which makes your task of minimizing empty space and decorating much easier. Longer branches can be crisscrossed and learned against your tank walls to create sort of a jungle gym. Corn snakes need exercise, too!

I found some branches in my backyard and stripped the bark off, leaving clean and smooth branches to make a jungle gym out of. This is a quick and easy DIY project.