Do you know your cat’s age and its equivalence to human age?

As you may already know, the age of cats is not the same as the age of humans, and it is really interesting to know how many human years the cat years are equivalent to.

This is a rather complex calculation, as cats do not age at the same rate as humans:

  • His childhood is very short, lasting only a few months.
  • His adolescence is concentrated in his first 2 years.
  • They reach adulthood in the next 8 years.
  • Finally, from the age of 10 they become mature cats.

With these references in mind, we show you the formula to make an approximate calculation.

How to calculate the age of a cat compared to that of a human

We present you the easiest way to know the equivalence of cat years with human years. At the end of their adolescence, that is, once they have completed two human years, cats are about 24 cat years old. From that age on, each human year they reach is equivalent to approximately 4 cat years.

Although this is not an exact result, it is quite close, and much more accurate than the popular belief that one human year equals seven for a cat.

Equivalence of the age of cats to the age of humans

As you can see, calculating the equivalence of your cat’s age with human age is not complicated. However, for all those who do not like to do mathematical operations or do not feel like getting too complicated, we leave below a conversion table to know the age of your cat in human years in an approximate way:

Cat age Human age
0 – 1 month 0 – 1 year
2 – 3 months 2 – 4 years
4 months 6 – 8 years
6 months 10 years
8 months 15 years
1 year 18 years old
2 years 24 years old
4 years 32 years old
6 years 40 years
8 years 48 years old
10 years 56 years old
12 years 64 years old
14 years 72 years old
16 years old 80 years
18 years old 88 years old
20 years 96 years old
22 years old 104 years old

What is the average lifespan of a cat?

The average cat’s lifespan is around 14-16 years, which would be about 80 human years. Although it is true that cats are very long-lived animals, we remind you that if your cat is over 10 years old, it is considered “old”, so do not forget to take it regularly to the vet.

Only this way you will be able to avoid or identify in time some of them, such as kidney problems, and perhaps prolong their life (even if they exceed 22 years). diseases  typical of maturity in los catssuch as kidney problems, and perhaps prolong their life (even to the age of 22 years).

Now you know how to calculate the age of cats, were you surprised by the result? Tell us how many human and cat years your cat has in the comments!

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