Corn Snake Substrate Requirements

Getting the right substrate for your corn snake is a crucial part of its care. Many owners or potential owners are unaware of the fact that certain substrates can actually cause harm to their pet.

Corn Snake Substrate Options

Aspen shavings are the best type of bedding to use for corn snakes. You can buy it in commercial aspen shavings in bulk because it is a fairly cheap substrate. Aspen easily clumps around poop and makes it easy for you to pluck it right out. Additionally, aspen will easily absorb your corn snake’s urine. Your corn snake will love burrowing in the soft and light aspen substrate. Aspen will hold its structure, so you will find traces of your corn snakes latest burrowing adventures! Just watch out for your humidity levels. It is a dry substrate, so you will need to maintain and monitor the humidity levels in your corn snake’s tank. Lack of humidity makes it difficult for corn snakes to shed, leading to uneven sheds. There are many other types of substrates that you can use. Since corn snakes are so adaptable, they can thrive with commercial-grade aspen.

Substrates Toxic to Corn Snakes

Pine and cedar substrate can cause respiratory infections in corn
• Cedar and pine substrate are toxic to corn snakes
• Can cause ailments like respiratory infections

Another substrate you should NOT use is any kind of sand substrates. Sand is highly dusty and can get packed into your corn snake’s nostrils causing blockage and possible respiratory infections. Additionally, sand substrates can cause impaction and digestive issues if consumed by your snake.