Australian Shepherd: Tips, care and characteristics

Name Australian Shepherd
Origin United States
Life expectancy Long
Colors Black, blue or red
Hair Very soft, medium length
Size Medium-large
Height Between 46 and 48 cm
Weight Between 16 and 32 kg
Temperament Energetic
Needs Specific dietary guidelines and daily exercise
Perfect for Watchdog and family dog

The Australian Shepherd is usually compared to the Border Collie breed. It is characterized by being very muscular and robust. Its height is slightly less than its length, with females reaching between 46 and 53 centimeters and males between 51 and 58 centimeters. The weight, depending on its constitution and sex, ranges between 19 and 29 kilos. Their coat attracts a lot of attention, as it can be merle red, merle blue and black. Moreover, some sport shades of cinnamon.

Origin of the Australian Shepherd

It is very curious, but the origin of the Australian shepherd is not in Australia, but in America. At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, shepherds from the Basque Pyrenees took blue dogs to this continent in order to be able to carry out their work properly in the United States. The fact that they are called Australian is due to the fact that the sheep with which these dogs worked came from Australia.

There is another theory regarding this concept, and it is that some people think that this breed of dog first migrated to Australia and then to the United States. When they arrived in the southwestern United States, specifically at the end of the 19th century, they gave permission to the owners of the animals to cross their dogs with other sheepdogs. The motive was to improve their working ability. This is how a breeders’ club was founded in 1957 in the USA.

Types of Australian Shepherd

There are two types of Australian Shepherds:

  • Australian Shepherd, which is typified by colors: black, blue or red.
  • Miniature Australian Shepherd, characterized by its size.

Character of an Australian Shepherd

If there is one thing that characterizes the Australian Shepherd, it is a strong herding instinct. For this reason it is also known as Australian Cattle Shepherd or Australian Shepherd Shepherd, as it is often associated with this activity. This breed also loves to be part of family life. To feel good he needs to be close to his owners. It is true that with people he does not know, at the beginning, he is a bit reserved. However, it does not take long for them to socialize properly.

Training and education tips

It is necessary to train this type of dog in order to exploit all the energy it possesses and make the most of its great intelligence. Thus, if you are passionate about doing activities with your pet, with the Australian Shepherd you will not have any kind of problem in carrying out any plan you feel like.

Tips and products for everyday use

It is important to socialize the Australian Shepherd from puppyhood. He has an impulsive nature, so sometimes a muzzle may be necessary to allow him to control himself in stressful moments. Also, a long leash will give him the opportunity to connect with his owner on every command.

Keeping an Australian Shepherd healthy and energetic

It is a dog that stands out for having a high performance in canine sports, such as agility. In these types of activities they have the opportunity to use both their mental and physical energy. The Australian Shepherd needs to practice physical activity on a daily basis.

Australian Shepherd Sheepdog Health

As a general rule, the Australian Shepherd is a very healthy breed. Even so, it is necessary that you take into account some facts.

Are there any typical diseases of the Australian Shepherd?

You should know that there is always the possibility that he may have hereditary eye disorders. It is also possible that it suffers from hip dysplasia, a disease that can cause mobility problems.

How to prevent these pathologies?

Considering the diseases that this type of dog can suffer from, it is important to examine these parts of the body before dedicating the animal to breeding. Not forcing the animal to do physical activity if it does not feel comfortable or checking its eyesight on a regular basis will help prevent these conditions.

Typical care of the Australian Shepherd

These dogs need specific care compared to other breeds.


Knowing that the coat of the Australian Shepherd is of medium length, it is recommended that you brush the animal between two and three times a week. Its coat protects it from inclement weather, so you will have to take constant care of it.


The skin is well protected by its coat, but can be damaged by brushing. It is necessary to be delicate when combing him and to use specific products for dogs when bathing him.


Considering that their eyes may suffer from hereditary problems, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian regularly to prevent any disease they may suffer from.

What is the best diet for an Australian Shepherd?

In relation to the nutrition of this dog, you must take into account that you must give it the right proportion of the main groups of nutrients that exist.

Puppy stage

Australian Shepherds, when they are puppies, need a specific feed to help them take care of their teeth and digestive system. In addition, at this stage it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian what vitamins they can take so that their bones and cartilage are formed in the correct way.

Adult stage

One of the things to keep in mind when feeding Australian Shepherds is that they love to always have fresh water available for hydration. At this stage, in order to avoid overweight, it is recommended that you only feed him twice a day, always taking into account the appropriate feeding guidelines advised by your veterinarian. The specific dry feed for his size will be perfect for him.

Senior stage

There are feeds designed for Australian Shepherds at this stage of their life. In addition, softer foods such as pate will allow them to chew better, which will give their digestive system a chance to function more efficiently.

What to consider when adopting an Australian Shepherd?

An Australian Shepherd needs time and physical exercise every day. Patience is a characteristic that should not be lacking in the person who decides to adopt it, since training, in these breeds, is mandatory.

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