Corn Snake Humidity

Corn snakes do not have specific humidity requirements. However, humidity before and during the shedding process does help your corn snake achieve a clean shed. To avoid skin infection from stuck scales, your snake will appreciate your helping hand when it comes to creating humidity before and during the shedding process. Corn snakes generally only need light misting in their tank before they prepare to shed. Avoid spritzing water directly onto your corn snake. Corn snakes will also benefit from having a shallow bowl of water in their tank to soak in. This is why I highly recommend a shallow water bowl that is large enough for your corn snake to coil and soak in.

Another way that you can provide humidity for your corn snake is an easy DIY project. You can take a plastic food container to create a humidity hide. You can line the inside with damp paper towels. Change them once or twice a day to prevent mold from growing. Sphagnum moss is also great for creating humidity inside your makeshift humidity hide.

  • Advice For Humidity Gauges: It is very important that you monitor the humidity of your corn snake’s tank. Lack of humidity, especially while your snake is preparing to shed, will result in a ‘bad shed’ that can lead to skin irritation and infections. Place the gauges on the tank’s wall on the warmer side to monitor the temperature and the humidity level.