Top 7 venomous spiders

Do you want to know the most dangerous spiders in the world? In this article we compile some of the most feared venomous spiders. Not all of them are deadly, but you’d better stay away from them if you don’t want to get a scare. To put your mind at ease, only 1% of spiders worldwide are poisonous, and there are more than 45,000 different species. Moreover, very few are considered deadly.

What are the most poisonous spiders in Spain?

European Black Widow (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus)

One of the most known and feared spiders, characterized by its black color and red markings. Its venom is neurotoxic and very powerful, but there is an antidote to combat it.

Yellow sac spider (Cheiracanthium punctorium)

Their sting can cause strong reactions such as nausea and fever, but is not fatal. The pain it causes is similar to that of a wasp sting.

Fiddler spider or brown recluse spider (Loxosceles rufescens)

It is a nocturnal spider that hides in nooks, crannies and dusty places. Although it is not an aggressive spider and prefers to flee rather than attack, its venom can be lethal, being up to 15 times more toxic than that of a cobra. Its bite can even necrotize tissues and cause cell death. It is listed as the most dangerous spider in Spain.

Don’t confuse it with the corner house spider! It lives in the corners and ceilings of the house and is totally harmless; besides, it will help you get rid of many insects.

Tarantula or wolf spider (Lycosa tarantula)

It is one of the most common venomous spiders in the peninsula and is very aggressive. Its bite causes inflammation, itching, tenderness and pain; in some cases it can also cause more serious symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, rapid pulse and necrosis of the affected area.

The three most venomous spiders in the world

Six-eyed sand spider (Sicarius Hahni)

Its venom is one of the most potent: it causes localized necrosis, cell and tissue death, disseminated intravascular coagulation and bleeding from orifices. However, it is a very calm spider that does not attack without reason. Oh, and it lives in the desert areas of Africa, to put your mind at ease. There is still no antidote for its bite.

Migalomorph spider or Australian funnel web spider (Atrax Robustus)

Considered one of the most dangerous venomous spiders in the world. It lives in Australia in burrows and tunnels that it builds with its web in the ground, trees and plants. However, it also frequents homes and is very aggressive. Its sting can cause death within 15 minutes to three days from progressive hypotension or cerebral edema. There is an effective antidote for their sting. And the title of the most venomous spider in the world goes to…

Brazilian wandering spider (Phoneutria)

The venom of this arthropod is the most lethal that exists and it is a rather aggressive species that measures around 17 cm. If you get too close or disturb it, it will not hesitate to attack. It is native to Brazil but has also been found in Argentina and Uruguay. There is an antidote against its bite.

How to identify a spider?

We often confuse insects with arachnids, but there are differences that make it easy to tell if it is a spider or not:

  • They have 8 legs
  • Its body is divided in two
  • They have chelicerae
  • No antennas
  • No wings

Do you know other poisonous spiders?

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