Cats and owners: how does the relationship change if the cat is male or female?

Like all animals, every cat is unique and different, and their personalities can be very distinct. In the case of pedigreed cats, for example, each one has a certain way of being, but in general, cats tend to be quite independent, a bit territorial, very clean and quite special.

The personality of this animal can be very different depending on whether it is a male or a female. Therefore, we recommend that before adopting a cat, you should be well informed, as the relationship can change a lot! This way you will be able to decide which option best suits your situation.

Cats and owners if the cat is male

Male cats tend to be much more independent than females. They like to devote time to themselves and enjoy their solitude for hours at a time. But this does not mean that they are not affectionate, on the contrary! Males are very affectionate, although you should know that from time to time they need to get away from their owner.

Males are very playful and don’t stand still, so if you are a very active person you can fit in very well. Their favorite games are hunting, catching things with their paws to nibble on and walking around “their territory”.

Another peculiarity of male cats is their sexual attitude. A cat that is not neutered will have his sexual needs as a priority, so he can have a really annoying behavior. He will be more irritable and restless, and may even lose his appetite and sleep. He will stop wanting to play and will be less affectionate with his owner. If you do not want your pet to have a family, the best thing to do is to sterilize it, both for its welfare and for yours.

Cats and owners if the cat is female

Females are usually more affectionate than males, as well as more attentive. They are quite sociable with people, but will not approach other cats unless it is really necessary.

Cats devote more time to their owner, but they are also much more jealous and protective, especially when they begin a relationship with their new owner. When they perceive a change of environment, they feel threatened and are afraid to leave their familiar and safe environment. After this first phase of distrust, their affection towards their owner will increase rapidly.

If you are a quiet person, you will be interested to know that cats love to lie next to their owner. It is the ideal pet to accompany you on those days when you just want to be on the couch doing nothing. Cats are very homely and much less active than males.

Spaying is also recommended for females if you do not want your pet to have offspring. Like males, females also suffer from the anxiety of not being able to mate during the heat, and you will notice it immediately because she will be upset and will complain often. In addition to saving your cat from this discomfort, spaying will protect her from ovarian cysts and other serious health problems.

Remember that each cat is unique and special, and that these are only generalities. The gender to which it belongs is not determinant, and there are other factors that influence its personality, such as the education received or the love and attention that its owner dedicates to it.

Is your cat male or female? Can you identify its behavior after these explanations? What is its personality like? Tell us about your experience and your way of living with these special felines.

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