Characteristics of the guinea pig, how much do you know about it?

The guinea pig or guinea pig is one of the most affectionate, sociable and fun pets we can have, do you know what are the characteristics of the guinea pig? Although she may seem shy at first, with a little confidence she will win your heart and that of the whole family. In this article we share some characteristics; in addition, we explain the types of guinea pigs that exist, aspects of their feeding, character, squeaks and much more.

Characteristics of the guinea pig

Guinea pigs are part of the rodent family and are native to South America. They are herbivorous animals, i.e. they feed only on vegetables, so we must offer them a complete diet rich in fiber to cover their nutritional needs.

Unlike other species such as chinchillas or hamsters, guinea pigs are diurnal animals, i.e. they sleep at night and are active during the day.  As a curious fact, guinea pigs like to live in groups, so we recommend having them at least in pairs to make them happier. As for their character, they are very sociable pets and not aggressive at all.

How do guinea pigs communicate?

If you hear your guinea pig squeaking often, don’t worry, these little animals usually make peculiar sounds or noises when they feel happy, angry, scared or simply if they are hungry. With time, you can learn to recognize your guinea pig’s squeaks in order to take care of it and respond to its needs. It is an animal that is easy to know what it wants, since they are very persistent and until they do not get it, they will not stop making sounds or calling for our attention.

Which cage should I buy for my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs love to run, move and play, so the cage should be as large as possible so they can move freely. It is also advisable to take it out for a while to run around the house and interact with the whole family. Locate their cage in a place away from drafts, as these animals are very sensitive to cold. Also provide them with a house where they can sleep and hide, a feeder and a drinking fountain. Don’t forget toys and an exercise wheel or ball to avoid overweight; as well as pieces of wood to gnaw and wear down their teeth. Finally, place a vegetable or shavings litter and remember to change it periodically to avoid bad odors.

Types of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can be of various types and these in turn are divided into different species. For example, depending on the length of the fur, guinea pigs can be short-haired, long-haired, curly-haired or hairless. While by coat color a guinea pig can be unicolor, bicolor, tricolor or of the Dutch, Himalayan or Dalmatian type.

Guinea pig beauty contests

Do you want to have the cutest guinea pig in the world? These cute rodents require basic care, so with a little hygiene and a lot of love, you can even enter it in a beauty contest. Just as you read! Believe it or not, several cities around the world hold beauty contests for guinea pigs, in which some 200 pets compete and the prettiest, healthiest and funniest one wins.

In conclusion, according to the characteristics of the guinea pig, it is a sociable, affectionate and very intelligent animal, which makes it the ideal pet for children. To keep it happy and healthy, it is only necessary to apply certain care and provide it with a complete diet rich in fiber. Remember to provide it with a large and comfortable cage, as well as clean its ears, cut its nails and brush it, especially if you have a long-haired guinea pig.

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