Cold water fish: what is your ideal aquarium?

Cold water fish aquariums are an excellent choice for beginners and more experienced fish keepers. Because they do not require a heater, these aquariums are easier to maintain than tropical aquariums. Here are some recommendations to keep them in good condition. montar tu acuario de agua fría in good condition.

Water parameters

Coldwater fish are generally hardier than tropical fish, so they are easier to care for and come in a wide variety of fantastic shapes, sizes and colors.

But your new home will need to meet a number of specific requirements:

  • Temperature: between 15 °C and 20 °C.
  • PH: between 6.8 and 7.8.
  • Nitrite: Below 0.5ppm, 0 is perfect.
  • Nitrate: below 40 ppm, 0 being ideal.

Depending on the species of fish you want to care for, these levels are subject to change.

Aquarium requirements for cold water fish

Coldwater fish need a spacious aquarium to live comfortably and the size of the aquarium will depend on how many fish you want to keep. At least a 50 to 60 liter aquarium is necessary to start with and keep 8 to 10 fish.

A week before putting your fish in their new aquarium, it is important that you cycle the water. This will ensure clean water and the formation of new bacteria that will maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem for the new inhabitants.


As hardy as they are, cold water fish also need a filter to match the size and number of fish in the tank, as they are sensitive to nitrite and nitrate variations caused by waste.


If you are going to include natural plants, lighting is essential. In the case that the plants are artificial or not included, the bulb you choose should emit a dim light.

Heater or cooler

Even if the aquarium contains cold water, it is important to maintain a controlled temperature, either lower than ambient (use of the chiller) or higher (use of the heater).

Natural plants

To decorate your cold water aquarium you will need to choose plantas para agua fría. The choice will also depend on the fish you want to take care of: There are species that eat plants with soft leaves, those that love floating plants or those that move roots and require extra fixation with stones.

Some of the plant species that prefer cold water are:

  • Myriophyllum hippuroides
  • Egeria densa
  • Saggitaria plathyphylla
  • Ludwigia palustris


If you are going to include natural plants, it is important to choose a good substrate, a base where aquatic plants can take root, providing them with support and the essential nutrients to grow properly.

Feeding of cold water fish

Feed your coldwater fish with specialized food for these species. Live, frozen, dried and fresh food, such as grindal worms, frozen shrimp and prawns, flakes and spinach, are good choices for your fish to grow and develop a strong immune system. You should know that a common cause of death in fish is overeating, so it is best to provide food about 5 or 6 times a day in small amounts.

Compatibility of p eces of cold water

The coexistence of incompatible fish can cause stress, illness and injury to your pets. Select calm species with peaceful characters so that they can coexist without causing disturbances in your aquarium.

Some species you can mix in your cold water aquarium are:

  • Corydoras
  • Rainbow barbels
  • Tench
  • Algae eaters
  • Goldfish
  • Chinese Neon

With these tips and recommendations you already know everything you need to set up your cold water fish aquarium in which your pets will enjoy a habitat specially designed for them.

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