How often to deworm adult dogs?

Do you know how often dogs should be dewormed? Deworming is a very important preventive measure to take care of our dog’s health. With it we will avoid infestations by fleas y ticksas well as internal parasites. Any type of parasite infestation not only causes discomfort in the animal, but can also be very dangerous to its health. They can trigger vomiting, diarrhea, disease and even negatively affect vital organs. Some of the parasites in dogs are zoonotic, which means that they can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, if you have a dog, it is imperative that you know how deworming should take place. Read on!

How often should adult dogs be dewormed?

Internal deworming of dogs is recommended at least every 3 months, one for each season of the year. In the case of external deworming of dogs, it will depend on the duration of the product and the brand you choose. It can be every month or every four months, even every eight months!

Sometimes, it is complex to specify how often dogs should be dewormed because the deworming of adult dogs depends a lot on the lifestyle they lead and the environment where they live. A dog that lives at home and does not go outside much does not need the same protection as a dog that lives outdoors or goes to the countryside every day. In natural environments there is a greater number of parasites and, therefore, there is a greater probability of contagion. In these cases of risk, a monthly deworming may be advisable, depending on the product. Always consult your veterinarian for the best option for your pet.

How to deworm an adult dog?

There are two ways to deworm a dog. On the one hand, there is the internal deworming and, on the other hand, the external deworming of your pet.

Internal deworming for adult dogs

Internal parasites can reach our dog by different ways of contagion. In addition to direct transmission through the mother’s milk, as we have seen in the article on deworming puppies, it can happen by sniffing the floor or by eating infected food. Although the most common are intestinal worms, they can also be pulmonary or heart worms. The most common contagion is by contact with the feces of already infested dogs. The eggs expelled in the feces can remain alive for up to 5 years and easily infect a healthy dog. You can choose syrups, tablets or palatable tablets, the duration of which varies according to the brand. Generally, dogs should be dewormed internally every 3 months.

When does the deworming tablet take effect?

The deworming tablet takes effect within a few hours of giving it to your pet, which means that if he has parasites, he will start to expel them the same day he takes it.

External deworming for adult dogs

External deworming of adult dogs provides effective protection against fleas and ticks. Some more advanced products are also prepared for the leishmaniasis mosquito.

There are different methods to deworm dogs so you can choose the most comfortable for you or the one that best suits your dog’s needs:


  • It is a very efficient product because the substance applied on the dog’s coat is personalized taking into account its size and weight. Therefore, the pipettes  anti-parasite for dogs have the ability to cope with the deworming in a totally adequate way. They are usually applied along the dog’s spine, since the product must be applied in those areas that the dog cannot lick so that it does not lose effectiveness. They usually last about one month, some of them up to two, but this information should always be consulted in your clinic veterinary .
  • Known brands: Yes!pH, Frontline, Advantix, Effitix, Flevox, Effipro.


  • Undoubtedly, one of the most convenient elements for the deworming of a dog are the collars. collars deworming . The reason is that, taking into account that the active ingredient that keeps the dog protected is released little by little, these elements have an approximate duration of between four and eight months, depending on the brand. For example, Seresto is the brand that boasts the longest duration. On the other hand, these items are very safe because they can be touched without being toxic and do not emit odors.
  • Well-known brands: Yes!pH, Scalibor, Seresto, Taber, Prevendog, Prevende.


  • The shampoos antiparasitic  have repellent properties and some insecticides to prevent or eliminate parasites, depending on your needs. They cause a fresh and pleasant scent on the animal’s coat that will allow your pet to show an excellent hygiene level. For their effectiveness, they should be used every two weeks.
  • Well-known brands: Yes!pH, Taberdog, Menforsan, Proteco.


  • Like shampoos, sprays to externally deworm a dog can be repellents or can fight an infestation. In addition, there are sprays for environmental use, insecticide type, to eliminate fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and mites that may be in the area where the dog lives. They are very easy to apply. It is only necessary to spray it on the animal’s body against the grain so that the skin absorbs the product properly and boasts great efficacy.
  • Known brands: Frontline, Menforsan, Effipro, Proteco, TK-Pet Home.

Why should we deworm our adult dog?

What happens if I don’t deworm my dog? By deworming a dog, both internally and externally, you will ensure that your pet is free from suffering from any disease that can cause parasites. In this way, it will boast a coat of ten and the appearance of worms in the feces will be avoided. Thus, they will not suffer from diarrhea or other diseases associated with parasite infestation.

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