How to heal wounds in dogs

If you have a pet, you’ve probably had to clean a wound. But, are you sure you have done it correctly? In this post, we tell you how to heal wounds in dogs and other pets correctly. Superficial wounds are very common in dogs and a cause of concern for us. Write down these basic first aid tips so you will know how to act if necessary.

My dog has a wound, what should I do?

Before getting down to work, you must assess the wound: Is it superficial or deep, does it look serious, is it bleeding? When your dog gets a wound, if it is serious, the first thing to do is not to lose your calm so that you can act quickly. If it bleeds a lot, you must plug it and exert pressure until the bleeding stops. Once the bleeding is controlled, put a temporary bandage and go immediately to your veterinarian. Remember that wounds can be more serious than they appear and sometimes take longer to heal because they are not treated correctly.

However, normally, the most common wounds of our pets are usually small cuts and scrapes. So, if it is a superficial wound, a graze or a minor burn, you can heal it by following these steps.

Steps to follow to treat a dog injury

  • Your dog may have pain in the area and, even if he has a good temper, he may try to bite you while you are treating him. To prevent biting, use a muzzle; if you don’t have one at home, improvise one with a rope by tying a loop around the muzzle and knotting it on the back of the neck. If your dog has long hair, it is best to carefully trim the hair around the wound before treating it.
  • Clean the wound with a little saline solution. If you do not have it at home, you can use water with a little diluted soap. Always use sterile gauze, never cotton, because it leaves traces of fibers in the wound. If you do not have gauze, a clean cloth is sufficient. The most important thing during cleaning is to remove all the dirt so that the wound does not become infected. The cleaning of the wound should always be from the inside out, this will prevent dirt from returning to the wound.
  • Remove any foreign material, such as dried bits of mud, plant debris or pieces of glass. Check the wound thoroughly to make sure that no debris remains that could eventually cause it to become infected.
  • To finish the cleaning, it is advisable to disinfect it, especially if it was very dirty at the beginning. You can use a little chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide or iodine. Can Betadine be used on a dog? Yes, but it should always be used diluted in water.
  • For good healing it is always best to let the wound air dry. If you cover it, it may take longer to heal. To promote healing you can put some aloe vera or specific healing products on the wound. Avoid at all times that your dog licks or scratches the wound, as it could worsen. For this purpose, you can use a plastic Elizabethan collar for convalescent dogs.

How to treat a wound on a dog that does not heal

Sometimes, our pet gets complicated wounds that do not always heal the first time. In these cases, alternative and increasingly used remedies such as wound healing with sterilized honey are great allies, due to their powerful antibacterial properties. Another ancestral technique that aids healing is sugar.

What should we have in our dog’s first aid kit?

  • Gloves and scissors
  • Gauze, bandages and adhesive tape
  • Alcohol, iodine (Betadine) and hydrogen peroxide
  • Soap (petroleum jelly or coconut soap)
  • Thermometer
  • Physiological saline solution

In Tiendanimal you can buy all kinds of products for the care of your dog. With them you will be able to form a complete kit and have everything you need in case of an emergency. botiquín If, despite following these tips on how to cure wounds in dogs, your pet’s wound shows pus, lumps or hurts, you should go immediately to your veterinarian.

What did you think of our article on how to heal wounds in dogs? Remember that the most important thing when cleaning a wound is to avoid infection and promote healing, so your dog’s wound will heal in a few days.

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