How to remove dog urine odor from the floor? Tips and products

If you have gone through the stage of educating a dog to relieve itself in the street, you have surely asked yourself more than once this question: how to eliminate the smell of dog urine at home? During the learning stage, it takes time for dogs to understand that they cannot do their business indoors and that the street is the right place. But inappropriate urination is not only related to learning in puppies and newly adopted dogs; it can also occur in dogs with incontinence problems or in older dogs.

In addition, even if you have good hygienic habits, your dog may leak a pee from time to time at home; because he can’t stand it anymore, because he is sick, stressed or because he has not been able to go out at his usual time. That’s why we want to tell you the best tricks to put an end to that unpleasant odor in the home in a simple way. Don’t miss it!

How to remove the smell of dog pee?

You have tried everything: bleach, detergent, floor cleaners, different cleaners, air fresheners… With none of them you have been able to solve this odor problem at home. Moreover, as you have not been able to eliminate the urine scent mark, your dog returns to urinate again and again in the same place. Maybe even some of the products you have used are counterproductive and you don’t know it.

Here are the most effective methods to remove the smell of dog pee, but first you must take into account these simple steps:

  • Remove all the pee with a mop and leave the area to be treated clean.
  • Once dry, use one of the following recommended products.
  • Let it act for the time indicated in each case.
  • Dry with absorbent paper the remains of the product.
  • Scrub the floor normally.

Most effective methods to remove dog urine odor

These products are especially recommended for use after cleaning up pee or on areas that have been previously urinated on and still smell. We recommend that you get a spray bottle for easy application.

Oxygenated water

Hydrogen peroxide has very powerful oxidizing properties and is ideal for cleaning recent footprints.

  • Mix 1 part water with 1 part hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the pee area and leave it on for half an hour.

Hydrogen peroxide with sodium bicarbonate

In this case we add one more component to attack dry or old marks and eliminate embedded odor.

  • Mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts baking soda and 1 part water.
  • By stirring you will obtain a kind of thick paste.
  • Spray a good amount on the area and leave it on for an hour.

Vinegar to remove dog pee odor

A natural cleaner known for its disinfectant properties. White vinegar neutralizes unpleasant odors while disinfecting the surface and is recommended for both fresh and dry floors and old scent marks.

  • Mix 1 part hot water and 1 part vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Apply and let it act for about 20 minutes.

Sodium bicarbonate

This compound has antifungal and abrasive properties. It can be very toxic to animals so be sure to use it only in their absence.

  • Sprinkle it directly on the dry surface and leave it overnight. The next day you can easily remove it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can also mix 2 tablespoons with 150 ml of vinegar and leave it on for half an hour.

Lemon, the best ally to eliminate dog urine odor from the floor

A natural, safe and very effective method with anti-fungicidal and antibacterial power. Its citrus scent fights urine odor and works as a repellent preventing dogs from urinating again.

  • Mix 100 ml of squeezed lemon with 50 ml of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Spray the area and leave it on for half an hour.

Enzymatic cleaners

These are commercial products with enzymes that act directly on the molecules that cause urine odor. It is one of the best options to remove dog urine odor from the floor if you do not want to use the above home remedies. Just spray them on the area, previously scrubbed and dried, let them stand for a while and scrub again.

Do not use bleach or ammonia to remove the smell of dog pee.

Surely more than once you have scrubbed with them or even used them thinking that they would be the best remedy to eliminate the smell of dog urine from the floor. Quite the opposite is true. These products encourage dogs to pee again in the same places, since they contain the same component as urine: ammonia. Therefore, by cleaning with any of them you will be attracting and inviting your dog to urinate again, besides not eliminating the odor.

Products to eliminate dog urine odor

In our secciónsectionproducts  de hygiene  home cleaning section you will find a lot of options to keep your house always clean and odor free. From sanitizing floor cleaners with incredible scents to insecticide floor cleaners that keep pests at bay.

We also have odor eliminators and enzymatic cleaners so that you can always have them on hand and act quickly destroying the particles that cause urine odor, without remaining embedded in the surface. All of our cleaning products are pet-safe, so you can use them without worry, and they will help you remove dog urine odor from the floor.

Remember that punishment is not the way to teach your dog not to urinate in the house. Besides, unless you correct him on the spot, it won’t do any good because he will have no idea why you are scolding him. Punishing him will only make him feel bad and frustrated because he doesn’t know why. If you want to restrict your dog’s access to any part of the house, we recommend safety barriers, where you can safely limit your dog’s space.

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