Plants for cats: 10 plants your feline will adore

Here are the top 10 plants for cats, ideal for infusions or for your pet to nibble without problems:

  • Catnip. This hierba catnip is a must in homes where felines live, as it relieves their stress and calms them down. In Tiendanimal you will find it in bags, tablets, spray liquid… discover it!
  • Thyme. A natural plant that relaxes like catnip.
  • Licorice root. It has several benefits: relieves itching and helps breathing when they have a cold. It cleanses the blood and its anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for animals with arthritis.
  • Sprouted grass. You can grow it yourself or buy it in stores. It provides essential vitamins to supplement your pet’s diet and is rich in fiber for healthier digestion.
  • Valerian. It stimulates cats – yes, just the opposite effect it has on us – and makes them want to exercise.
  • Rosemary, peppermint and pennyroyal. The oil resulting from the combination of the three is an insect repellent, very effective against fleas, and causes a calming effect on cats. It is applied in the bath as a shampoo, they should not be eaten.
  • Dandelion and cat’s claw. The extract of these plants has natural cortisone, so it is indicated to relieve itching, especially when the cause is allergy.
  • Goldenseal. It acts as a natural disinfectant and is perfect for reducing the discomfort of puffy eyes due to allergies and infections.
  • Chamomile. A plant that helps to relax and relieve gastrointestinal problems. It acts as an antiseptic and, applied with absorbent cotton, improves skin infections, relieves itching and swollen eyes.
  • Ginger. A few drops of ginger root extract helps to combat stomach upset. It is intended to be given to felines on long trips.

You already know, your cat loves to eat grass, so offer this food supplement in its daily diet to enjoy its flavor and a healthy intestinal transit and do not forget to consult your trusted veterinarian. Which ones does your cat like the most? Do you know any other that deserves to be in this ranking?

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