PPP license and mandatory insurance

As you know, dogs classified as potentially dangerous are under a special law that requires compliance with certain rules and documentation. Breeds such as the Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire or the Rottweiler are subject to this law due to their morphological characteristics. normativa due to their morphological characteristics.

Although it may seem complicated and cumbersome, obtaining a PPP dog license is a very simple process. It is worth the small effort to adopt and share our life with one of these wonderful dogs. Remember that, despite their unfair classification due to their physical appearance and strength, they are just like any other: harmless, loyal, funny and very affectionate.

Procedures to obtain a PPP license in Spain

The administrative license for the possession of potentially dangerous animals is requested at your local Town Hall, in person or online through the web (if this service is available). Once you have the form downloaded or in hand, you must fill it in and present it together with the rest of the mandatory documents:

Photocopy of identity card

DNI, NIF, NIE, passport or residence permit.

Original certificate of physical capacity and psychological aptitude.

To be granted the PPP license you need a document that certifies that you are physically and mentally prepared to have an animal of these characteristics. You can obtain it in specialized centers such as those where the psycho-technical test for the driver’s license is performed.

It consists of a series of simple tests that determine if you are able to handle a “potentially dangerous” dog, taking into account its strength and the supposed marked character. Some of the physical tests are: visual and hearing ability, locomotor and neurological system and perceptual-motor difficulties, as well as any physical disability that does not allow you to control the animal. As for psychological fitness: mental and behavioral disorders, personality problems and difficulty in decision making.

Its price usually ranges between 20 and 40 $, depending on the center.

Original certificate of criminal record

You cannot have any type of criminal or penal antecedent. The PPP license cannot be obtained by those who have committed crimes of injury, torture, homicide, against freedom or against moral integrity, sexual freedom and public health; neither those who have been part of any armed gang or drug trafficking; nor, of course, if they have any prohibition of possession of potentially dangerous dogs.

This document is issued by the Ministry of Justice and costs approximately 5$. It is best to call beforehand so that they can inform you where you can obtain it (Courts, City Hall, etc.). You can also sign an authorization so that the Town Hall can request the opportune information about the criminal record.

Photocopy of the PPP Third Party Liability insurance policy and the last paid receipt.

In order to obtain the PPP license it is essential to contract a Civil Liability insurance exempt from deductibles. The minimum amount for this type of insurance is 120,000$, depending on where you live (some communities require a higher amount). Call your local Town Hall and ask them to inform you about the minimum amount to be insured.

The price will depend on the one you take out, but there are very economical PPP dog insurances that start at 20$ per year.

Official certificate from the veterinary college

You may need this document to complete your PPP license. Your veterinarian will be able to issue it when you take your dog for vaccination or microchipping. Since you need a license before you can own a dangerous breed dog, there is some flexibility that allows you to provide this certificate at a later date. That is, you can obtain the license without this document and, once you have your license and have adopted your dog, you can request the veterinary certificate and present it to the municipal registry within 15 days.

This document certifies that the animal is considered a PPP breed and that it is not aggressive or dangerous. Its cost can be free or between 30 and 50$, depending on the veterinarian.

The PPP license is valid for 5 years and must be renewed after this time. Remember that it is a personal and non-transferable permit with which only you will be able to walk the animal. Therefore, if someone else in the family is going to walk it, he/she must also get the license. Other legal requirements to obtain it are: to be of legal age, not to suffer any physical or mental handicap and not to consume drugs.

In addition to the PPP dog license you must register your dog in the registry of potentially dangerous animals of your municipality (15 days after obtaining the license) and identify it by microchip.

Documentation required for municipal PPP registration:

  • Photocopy of PPP license
  • Photocopy of all the pages of the health booklet.
  • Photocopy of identity card (the blue sheet of the microchip)
  • Veterinary certificate.

You must renew the veterinary certificate every year and present it again at the same place.

PPP Liability Insurance

The PPP insurance covers bodily injury or property damage that the dog may cause to people, excluding partners, parents, children, siblings or people you leave in charge of the animal. You must take out a third party liability insurance exempt from deductibles, that is to say, that covers and takes full responsibility for the expenses. In addition, it must cover the mandatory minimum required by your City Hall; normally it is 120,000$, but in some localities it may be higher.

There are many options with different prices so, before contracting them, you should read all their conditions and compare them to choose the most suitable one. It is essential to take out insurance for dogs of this type in order to obtain the PPP license.

In addition to the license and PPP insurance you must comply with the regulations for dogs considered potentially dangerous. If you need more information about what breeds are listed or what characteristics make any other dog to be considered PPP, take a look at the post about dangerous dog breeds.

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