Scalibor, the antiparasitic collar. All your doubts solved

Pet owners are always looking for the most complete protection for our furry friends against insects. Anti-parasite collars are one of the most convenient solutions to protect our pets from external parasite infestations. Undoubtedly there are some anti-parasite products that stand out for their high effectiveness, and if we talk about anti-parasite collars for dogs, one of the most recognized is Scalibor. This collar is one of the most complete and effective, that is why it is highly recommended by veterinarians and satisfied owners. If you still do not know this anti-parasite collar, here we explain the keys to its success.

How does the Scalibor collar work?

Scalibor is composed of deltamethrin, a potent substance with insecticidal, acaricidal and repellent effect that begins to be deposited on the dog’s skin once the collar is placed. This active ingredient is released slowly and steadily, diluting in the lipid layer of the skin, and spreading to cover the entire body of the animal. Unlike other collars, Scalibor does not release any substance into the air, i.e. there is no evaporation of the active ingredient, thus achieving greater effectiveness and better use of the product.

It is very easy to use. When you take it out of its package you can wipe it with a paper towel to remove the dust outside the collar, and then place it on the neck of our dog, leaving a separation of two fingers between the skin and the collar and we must cut the excess leaving about 4 or 5 centimeters after the adjustment buckle. If your dog is still a puppy, leave a little extra to adjust it as it grows. It is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the collar.

What parasites does it protect against? Is the Scalibor collar sufficient against mosquitoes?

With this collar our dog will be fully protected against fleas and ticks. In addition, Scalibor was the first collar on the market to offer protection against mosquitoes, including phlebotomine sandflies that transmit leishmaniasis, thanks to the repellent effect of deltamethrin. leishmaniasisthanks to the repellent effect of deltamethrin.

How long does the Scalibor collar last?

The collar acquires its maximum effectiveness 10 days after putting it on, since this is the time it takes for the deltamethrin to spread throughout the dog’s body, and it must always be worn for it to be effective. It keeps our pet protected for 6 months against mosquitoes and ticks, and 4 months against fleas.

Thanks to its long period of effectiveness, once the collar is in place, you can rest assured that you will not run the risk of forgetting or delaying the application, as is the case with shorter-lasting dewormers. To enhance its effectiveness and extend its life, it is advisable to clean the collar once a month with a slightly damp cloth, to remove the layer of grease that may have been deposited on it.

Precautions to be taken with the Scalibor collar

As it is composed of insecticide and repellent chemicals, some dogs may experience itching and reddening of the skin when the collar is applied. In this case it is recommended to remove it immediately and wash the area. If symptoms persist or worsen, a veterinarian should be consulted promptly. For dogs with skin sensitive to chemicals, natural alternatives can be used to keep them protected from external parasites.

Likewise, if we have more than one dog at home and they tend to bite the collars when they play or lick each other, there could be a case of accidental poisoning if they lick or ingest a piece of the Scalibor collar. In that case it would be advisable to opt for another type of antiparasitic such as Advantix or Frontline pipettes. Of course the use of this collar as well as any other antiparasitic product must be supervised by our veterinarian.

Should Scalibor be combined with other antiparasitics such as Frontline?

In extreme cases, we can give our pet extra protection, combining pipettes and collars, but it should always be our veterinarian who indicates the amount of antiparasitic we should use. For example, if you have a large dog that lives in an outdoor farm you can use extra protection. For a puppy that lives at home and only goes for a walk a couple of times a day, it would not be necessary because he lives in a more controlled environment.

If you have more than one pet, each one may need different parasite protection. For small dogs or dogs with sensitive skin you can use the effectiveness of Frontline pipettes. For medium and large dogs that enjoy long walks, you can use the full protection of the collars. In summer, you can combine the collar with the pipette to keep parasites at bay, especially if your dog lives on a farm or you do various outdoor activities. In addition, now with our packs you have it much easier because you can buy the products you need at the best price.

What other advantages does Scalibor offer?

Scalibor is water resistant, its effectiveness is not reduced when it gets wet. Even so, if we want to extend its duration to the maximum, it is recommended to remove the collar before bathing our dog or if it is going to remain soaking for a long time. As the active ingredient does not evaporate, but is released directly on the dog’s skin, this product is totally odorless. Scalibor is available in large format of 65 cm and small format of 48 cm.

Scalibor offers owners total peace of mind that their companion is well protected against external parasites and the dangerous diseases they transmit, but it also provides extra peace of mind when we see that the other dogs we meet during a walk or in the park are wearing it, as it gives us the security of knowing that our furry friend is playing and socializing with other well-protected dogs that will not spread anything; this is especially important when we talk about puppies or sick or weakened dogs with which we have to take special precautions.

Can I give Scalibor to my puppy?

Of course, Scalibor can be used in puppies over 7 weeks of age.

Can I touch my dog if it is wearing the Scalibor anti-parasite collar?

It is always important to wash your hands… You can touch the dog without any problem, but avoid touching the collar. If this happens, wash your hands.

Is the Scalibor collar suitable for any dog?

Of course, although you must take into account that some dogs have more delicate skin and may suffer some kind of allergic reaction to the collar. That is why it is important that you keep a close eye on it, especially if it is the first time you use it.

Where to find the cheap Scalibor collar?

In TiendAnimal you have the Scalibor collar at a very good price, but in addition, we offer you our free veterinary advice to guide you and solve your doubts through our office and this blog.

Scalibor collar and children

Scalibor is an antiparasitic collar that diffuses its active substance through the animal’s skin and is therefore safe for children. It is important to teach children that they can pet the dog but always be careful not to touch the collar. And for hygiene, remember to always wash your hands after petting an animal.

Can I use the Scalibor collar to protect my cat?

No, Scalibor is only suitable for dogs. To protect your cat, you should use specific antiparasitic products for them.

What color is the Scalibor collar?

The Scalibor collar can be found in three colors (white, brown and black), although depending on the country of manufacture and distribution it is possible that they are not marketed in all formats. Normally in Spain it is white, do not panic if you receive it in any other color.

How to find the Scalibor collar online?

Many users search for the Scalibor Collar using many different spellings of its name, including: Excalibur Collar, Xcalibur, Escalibo, Scalibour, Scalibur and many others. However, to find the authentic Scalibor Collar, look at how it is spelled correctly to avoid purchasing any imitations. And of course, you can find the Scalibor Collar at TiendAnimal at an incredible price and with the confidence of premium service.

What other anti-parasitic methods are there besides the Scalibor collar?

In TiendAnimal we want to offer you all the information you need to protect your pet against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other external and internal parasites. That’s why we have created a Guide of antiparasitic productswhere you will be able to solve your doubts and find the best quality products on the market at a very good price for your pocket. Here you will find a lot of information about other collars, pipettes, sprays, shampoos, pills and all kinds of external and internal parasites. Now that you have all this information, you will surely be able to protect your pet much better with Scalibor, but if you have any questions, ask us here! Our veterinary experts will be happy to answer them.

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