The best pipican for dogs in Madrid

Municipalities are increasingly providing more and more areas for dogs. These are fenced areas where they can run free without danger and enjoy running and playing with others of their kind without bothering anyone. These areas are classified according to the space they occupy, the smaller ones being called pipican and the larger ones canine recreation areas. In addition, some of them have a play area such as agility circuits. In this article we will make a review of the best dog kennels in Madrid.

What is a pipican?

Fenced area with wooden or metal fences where you can release your dog to do its needs and can be off leash safely. It is a suitable place for him to run around and socialize with others of the same species. It is important to make good use of these areas because some people believe that they do not have to pick up their dog’s droppings. Inside there are garbage cans and hygienic bags installed to keep this space clean and healthy, as it is the obligation of each owner to remove their dog’s poop. In addition, some dog kennels incorporate fountains, benches and even agility circuits.

There is a regulation that prohibits dogs to run loose in parks. However, they are allowed to go off leash in certain parks and in compliance with the timetables established in each area, which is usually until 10:00 in the morning and from 19:00-20:00 in the evening. The pipican is a good option to release your dog outside these hours or in parks where it is not allowed to go without a leash.

Pipican Madrid

In Madrid there are more than 170 canine areas, between pipican and parks, where you can go with your dog to enjoy and interact with other dogs. We tell you our favorite pipicans:

El Retiro dog kennel

Madrid’s most famous park, with an area of 118 green hectares, is one of the best areas for dogs. The pipican has drinking fountains so that dogs can hydrate themselves, bag dispensers to pick up poop and a fun and complete agility circuit, as well as benches and trees to sit in the shade. Its opening hours are from 6:00 to 00:00 h in summer and from 6:00 to 22:00 h in winter. It is located near the entrance of the Puerta de Mariano de Cavia.

Pipican for dogs Juan Carlos I Park, in Campo de las Naciones

Located between Barajas airport and Ifema. Inside is another of the largest fenced canine recreation areas in the city, with agility obstacles for dogs, not only to run and play but also to exercise. Open from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 to 01:00 in summer and from 7:00 to 23:00 in winter. On Fridays and Saturdays you can stay until 3:00 h in summer and until 00:00 in winter.

Enrique Tierno Galván Park dog kennel in Legazpi

A park with 45 hectares in which, in addition to the Madrid Planetarium, there is a specific area for dogs, with lots of greenery and a lake where they can swim in summer.

Canine recreation area El Cantizal, in Las Rozas

On the outskirts of Madrid you can find one of the best pipican for dogs. It is an area of 30,000 square meters delimited by wooden fences. Inside it has bag dispensers, waste garbage cans and an agility circuit of 500 square meters, with see-saw, slalom, jumping fences and much more. In addition, there are also benches for resting and a fountain for dogs to cool off. The ideal place for you and your furry friend to have a good time with other dogs.

Pipican for dogs Parque Europa, in Torrejón de Ardoz

Surely you have already heard of this famous park where some of the best world monuments are recreated in miniature size. Well, there is also a fenced and safe area for your furry friend. In it there are different agility obstacles installed for more fun. In addition, the area is divided into two parts, for small and large dogs, something that may be of great interest to some owners. Its hours are from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Canine Park Las Moreras, in Getafe

If you are from the south of Madrid, you will be pleased to know that in the town of Getafe has been built an incredible 6,500 square meters pipican for dogs. Designed with reused materials, it has an obstacle area for training, a socialization area, water fountains, benches… An ideal place to spend the afternoon with your furry in the company of other dogs.

Adolfo Suarez Park, in Majadahonda

It is the largest park in the municipality, with an area of 37,198 square meters. It has two canine areas with obstacles for dogs to entertain themselves and keep them in good shape while having fun.

Tips for a good use of the pipican for dogs

All the points you will read below are not rules as such, but some indications that are intended to ensure the safety of the animals and to avoid conflicts between them.

  • Don’t be with a dog on a leash inside
  • Don’t take a dog that misbehaves or fights
  • Do not enter with an aggressive dog
  • Do not enter with bitches in heat
  • Avoid the use of balls and sticks.
  • Do not bring food
  • Prevents digging holes
  • Be careful when putting very small dogs together with very large dogs.
  • PPP dogs with muzzle
  • Avoid crowds of people
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times
  • Don’t stand still all the time, walk around
  • Do not hold a small dog in your arms to protect it.

Do you know any other pipican in Madrid that is not on the list? Tell us which is your favorite area to enjoy with your furry friend!

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