The Mini Pinscher, how to take care of it?

Here you will learn about the care and characteristics of the Mini Pinscher. This brave and adventurous little one will make you fall in love with him from the very first day, so we’ll tell you all about it!

Name: Miniature Pinscher
Origin: Germany
Size: Small
Life expectancy: +15 years
Weight: 4-6 Kg
Hair type: Short, shiny
Character: Obedient, strong temperament, cheerful.
Coat: Red or black and tan
Withers height: 25-30 cm
General classification: Small dog breeds
AKC Classification: Group 5: Toy (companion and toy dogs)
FCI classification: Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs.

Origin of this ancient breed

There are references of the breed since the 18th century and it seems that it was born after the crossing of Italian Greyhounds with Teckels. The former had very good eyesight and were very agile and the latter had a very good nose for hunting. These clever little dogs controlled rat infestations and became very famous among ladies and gentlemen, among whom they were known by the curious name of “red pinscher”, due to their resemblance to the small red deer of the Bavarian forests.

Later it began to be called German Dwarf Terrier and became a very popular breed also outside Germany, in the United States and in the United Kingdom.   In the Second World War, although many of these little ones disappeared, they also became known to the rest of the world.

What is the character of the mini pinscher like?

If you are thinking of adopting one of these little adventurers or if you already have one, it is important that you know more about his character: Adventurous and active, he is considered a very brave little animal and you can be sure that he will always be willing to do things. He is also a curious doggy, who likes to be seen and heard.

He is always very affectionate with his family, for whom he will show absolute devotion, being generally very obedient. Despite his tiny body and not being a good protection dog, he is a guardian of the best, he puts a lot of effort and will alert you of any strange presence around the house, showing his bravery with a lot of barking.

As he is not aware of his size, he will not hesitate to confront other big dogs in the street, so be very careful, because this little beast is a tough one. Although he is dominant and possessive, don’t worry if you live with other animals, because in the end you will get along well if you introduce them to each other gradually. The mini pinscher needs to feel loved and will constantly ask you to show it, so it will live better with children who are not too small, because it is also an animal that demands tranquility and does not like to be stressed.

Keeping your best friend cheerful and energetic

It has the advantage that it adapts very well to everything. Therefore, he will be happy in the country or in the city, but you have to know that he does not like to stay outdoors when it is very cold, because this little one is very sensitive to low temperatures and if you put a coat on him he will be very happy.

What care should I give to the mini Pinscher?

From the first moment our puppy arrives home, we must get him used to the hygiene routine and start with his first baths once he has all his vaccinations and begins to go outside.

With a monthly bath and a couple of brushings a week, except during the moulting season, when you should do it more frequently, your dog will dazzle everywhere and will be the center of attention in the park.

At bath time, it is very important that you take special care with the area of their ears, to prevent water from entering and producing otitis, because they have a very bad time when they have problems of this type. We recommend you to watch their nails, as sometimes they do not wear them enough and will need a manicure from time to time to have them perfect.

What are the best toys for mini Pinscher?

As he is very intelligent, you will be able to test him and he will enjoy the intelligence games. This little guy is very active and has a lot of vitality. He likes to run around and jump everywhere.  You should keep in mind that he will love to scheme with whatever you throw at him and serve him to carry and fetch, which will help him to entertain himself and burn excess energy.

What does the mini Pinscher eat and what is the best diet for this breed?

When choosing your best friend’s diet, you must take into account his age and physiological state. You must find a complete food that covers all their needs. If you have a puppy, we recommend you to buy a specific food that will help him to develop completely and keep him unchanged until he is 12 months old.

Once he is an adult, choose based on what he needs, for example, if your little one is already sterilized, you will have to give him a specific feed. When he reaches the senior stage, you will find a wide range of products and also diets of all kinds, in case he suffers from any pathology typical of his age.

This small dog is predisposed to gain extra kilos, so it is very important that you control him to avoid problems such as, for example, articular or cardiac. You already know that the weak point of all mini-sized dogs is the problem of tartar accumulation on their teeth, so we recommend using products that help maintain oral health, from puppyhood. With everything you’ve already learned about the mini pinscher, you’re more than ready to start enjoying together!

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