Tricks and ideas to stop your dog from barking so much

To solve this problem it is necessary to have a lot of patience, observe them to know why they bark and adopt changes in the routine or special collars that help to maintain silence. The first thing to do is to find out why your dog barks so much. Many dogs spend too many hours alone or locked up and it is natural that when you return or are about to take them for a walk they start barking frantically. This usually improves by increasing daily exercise, spending more time with him, or leaving toys, a radio or TV on, or a treat dispenser ball to keep him entertained. Sometimes it helps if he has a companion during the day, such as another dog or a cat. Some dogs are also entertained if they have a yard or a window from which they can look out onto the street, so they can see people, other dogs, cars, etc. passing by. Others, on the other hand, get more excited and bark more.

When your dog barks and you are not there to control it, you can resort to one of the following collars. training collars. The most innocuous are the ones that give him a shot of citronella in the face every time he barks, creating a negative association.

Dogs that do not get enough exercise seem to accumulate energy in such a way that they become destructive, fearful, aggressive or suffer personality disorders such as licking themselves to injury, biting their tails, eating fecal matter or barking non-stop. Sometimes they get so upset that they jump up and down when they see their masters and this makes children fear them. It is necessary to establish an exercise routine, even to start practicing an outdoor activity, such as agility or trekking, in the most active breeds.

There are dogs that bark excessively when someone passes by, because of some sound, such as when the phone or the doorbell rings. What you should do is to desensitize him to the sound: make the phone ring and ignore it. Repeat this for several days; you will see that your dog starts to bark and then becomes “puzzled” by your lack of reaction. As the days go by, he will start to look at you before barking to see if you get up or not. In all cases it helps a lot to teach him basic obedience commands. When your dog has learned to sit, you can stop any misbehavior by giving him the command, as this subordinates him and gets him out of the altered mental state he is in.

A very frequent occasion that provokes barking is when the dog is asking for something. What you must do is to teach him to ask without barking. If your dog is educated and recognizes you as a leader, it is difficult for him to bark to demand, because he is in a more submissive situation and waits until you please him. When he barks you should ignore him completely and only agree to what he asks for when he has calmed down. This takes time and you will have to put up with his barking until he understands, but you will see that if you persevere and repeat it every time, he will learn sooner or later.

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