What can I do to stop my dog from urinating at home?

A pet is part of the family and, as such, must behave so that living together is as pleasant as possible. However, it is up to us to make them understand the rules of the house. In this article we collect some tricks to prevent your dog from urinating inside the house or, if you have a garden, to teach him to do it in the area you want. You must be patient, especially if they are puppies, and remember to always educate them in a positive way.

How do I stop my dog from urinating everywhere in the house?

These situations can be very uncomfortable and can end your patience, especially if they drag on for a long time (even in adult dogs).

The main thing is to rule out the veterinary problem and, if it is a behavioral problem, to be very clear that:

  • It is always better to train positively than to apply punishments.
  • It is not necessary to shout or give a speech to our dog, it is usually enough to say “NO” firmly and emphatically.
  • However, if the puppy continues to urinate indoors, it is best to ignore him. Since it is a serious offense, a “NO” as a reprimand is no longer enough. By ignoring him for a while, he will understand that you are angry and that he has done something very wrong.
  • Reward him when you start taking him outside and he does his business in the right place. You can give him, for example, semi-moist snacks such as chicken nuggets, which are very healthy and puppies love them.

You can also teach him like a cat: Set aside a box with absorbent litter (you can also use soakers) and take him there when he urinates. This way he will understand that he must do it in that place. Don’t forget to give him a dog snack when he does it on his own so he understands that it’s a good thing for him.

In a store or someone else’s house, keep an eye on him, especially during the first 15 minutes. When he tries to lift his paw, water him and interrupt the act. In any case, to avoid problems of this type, it is advisable that your pet has previously made its stool before entering a strange place.

If you have a garden

If you live in a house with a garden and you want your puppy to relieve itself in a certain place, you can try the following:

  • Select the area, preferably away from windows and doors to avoid odor.
  • Deposit a few drops of other urine in the chosen area. Yes, it seems strange, but your pet will take it as a territory challenge and will want to relieve himself in that spot.
  • Every day, and within a regular schedule, take him to the chosen place so that he learns that this is where he has to do his bowel movements. After a few weeks, he will go directly to this place himself.
  • If you want, you can pick up the stool with a convenient pooper scooper and dispose of it in a hygienic bag.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands at all times. In addition, we recommend that you do it with a disinfectant gel.

As you know, when living with an animal, the hygiene must be maximum. Therefore, when we have this problem we must be much more careful, especially if there are children at home.

Let’s get to the root of the problem. Why does your dog urinate indoors?

The first thing is to know why this behavior occurs. If we are talking about puppies, it is very likely that they have not yet learned to control their needs and will need some time until they manage to hold it. If you want to help them, in Tiendanimal we have some special products for puppies that may interest you.

If it is an adult dog that urinates everywhere, the reasons may be varied, especially if it happens suddenly:

  • Veterinary problem: If until recently the dog was able to control himself and now he finds it impossible, you should visit your veterinarian as soon as possible for an examination.

Loss of bowel and bladder control is a clear symptom that something is going on, whether it is due to physical illness or psychological trauma. In any case, what is happening is not your dog’s fault, he just needs help from a veterinarian or a professional ethologist.

  • Insufficient or irregular departures. Once the medical problem has been ruled out, you should be self-critical: are you taking him out enough times a day? Are you allowing him time to relieve himself?

Remember that the minimum necessary is 3 walks a day and, if we are talking about puppies or the elderly, this number should be increased.

  • The place chosen to walk him is not the right one. There are shy dogs that are unable to urinate when they feel surrounded by strangers. There is also the opposite case, with extremely sociable dogs that prefer to play and do not concentrate when they go out in the street and wait until they get home, when they are relaxed, to do so.

If any of these cases sound familiar, we recommend that you change your dog’s walking route to a quieter one, with less access to other dogs or humans. This way he will learn to relieve himself first and then play or socialize.

  • Separation anxiety or excessive excitement when he sees you. One of the first symptoms that often appears in these disorders is his inability to hold back the pee-pee.

If this is the case with your dog (he leaks a few drops when he sees you or urinates when you leave home), you should consult a canine ethologist to help him overcome it. In this article we give you some tips to help him.

  • Marking. Although it is more frequent in males than in females, this does not mean that bitches cannot do it, especially the very dominant ones. They can also do it when they are in heat, making small puddles of pee, but more frequently.

With urine they define their territory and create their comfort zone. One way to eliminate this behavior is to sterilize your dog.

  • Submission: Occurs more in puppies, young females or dogs that have been raised incorrectly. When someone scolds them, they urinate on themselves.  The best way for them to overcome it is to reward their good behaviors in a positive way.

We hope we have helped you with these tricks to prevent your dog from urinating indoors It does not seem very difficult, right? If you manage to solve the problem, don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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