What is the temperament of the Maltese poodle like?

The puppy-like gesture on his face and his expression of permanent alertness. These are two of the great characteristics that do not change in him, no matter how old he is. The temperament of the Maltese bichon is affectionate, affable and calm, although he can also be a little grumpy. Join us, today we introduce you to this friendly furry…

Ideal for families

Its incredible silky white coat, puppy-like face and small size are some of the characteristics that make it a charming dog. bichon maltese  a charming dog. However, beyond his looks, his character is what really makes him a unique friend:

  • Affectionate and adaptable. It is the perfect breed to live with other pets, it is very affectionate and creates great emotional bonds with their masters. In fact, it is ideal for families because, in addition to taking up little space and having an affectionate temperament, it is very easy to educate because it is always willing to learn.
  • Companionship and cuddles. The most important thing in the world for him is to be with his family. Always cuddly, above anything else, he loves to spend time with his family and enjoys the pleasure of caresses, being held and sweet words… His faithfulness and loyalty to his owners, his balanced temperament and calm character make him a good companion for elderly people who want to give them time for cuddles and rest.
  • Best indoors. It prefers to live in an apartment rather than in a large garden, not only because of its great ability to adapt, but also because it prefers, above all, the quiet company of its family.
  • Guardian and protector. In addition, the bichon is protective of its territory so, although it cannot act as a watchdog because of its size, it does help to alert to protect its loved ones. Although he does not usually bark, he will not hesitate to do so when something catches his attention or he wants to warn of something unusual.

What is the temperament of the Maltese poodle?

Friendly, playful and brave. His cheerful expression and his appearance of eternal puppy is nothing more than a reflection of his playful and friendly character. Although he is not usually very restless and can spend a lot of time lying down (sleeping or not), he is capable of spending the whole afternoon with children or outdoors. sharing  games with children or outdoors.

In fact, play is a fundamental part of their daily life, so it is advisable to dedicate play time to them so that they can actively enjoy it as a family. The same does not happen with walks, since it needs much less daily exercise than other breeds. Therefore, it does not need to take long walks for hours.

Socializing, the key to your character

It has a great capacity to adapt to the environment and circumstances, is intelligent and is always willing to learn skills and obey orders. Although the Maltese bichon does not need rigorous training, it is advisable to educate it from puppyhood so that it does not develop undesired behaviors when it is an adult dog.

That is why it is important to dedicate time to socialize him with dogs of different sizes and breeds. Although he is calm, he is also brave and daring and is not worried about getting into trouble, although he can have more than one scare. In fact, he can have difficulties when it comes to interacting with other dogs because of his territorial nature, so it is essential that, from the time he is a puppy, he spends time with other dogs.

If you’re looking for a dog who adores you and your loved ones, is cheerful, friendly and always in a good mood and you have time and love to give, stop looking. You’ve already found your perfect furry friend: the Maltese.

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