How to care for a hamster?

The hamster is the most common rodent in homes. It is a small animal that does not require too much attention and is very easy to care for. This makes them very often the perfect gift for children. However, you should take into account the main care of a hamster so that your little one is happy and leads a healthy life.

What do I need to have to take care of my hamster?

To know how to care for a hamster properly, the first thing to consider is what things we need to buy before bringing it home:

  • Large and spacious cage
  • Comfortable bedding of wood chips
  • Small house or shelter
  • Bottle drinker and feeder
  • Exercise wheel and toys
  • Hamster food
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.

How to care for a hamster: the cage and its accessories

Choose a large cage so that your rodent feels as comfortable as possible and can run around inside. As always, the bigger the better; this way you will avoid stress and anxiety. In addition, you will have to pay attention to the bars, as they should have little separation between them so that the animal cannot escape or hurt itself. Multi-story cages are ideal because they provide more space at the top that allows them to climb up, down and jump for fun and exercise.

In addition to the choice of the cage, the place where you place it is also very important for the safety and health of the hamster. Make sure it is not too hot or drafty. It should not be in direct sunlight either. Try to place it in a quiet area of the house, without too much movement or noise.

The bed

For hamsters to feel comfortable and to be able to walk on a soft floor, it is necessary to include a litter in the cage. There are a multitude of options, the most common are wood shavings, vegetable fiber, paper and corn. You will only need to cover the base with a layer of about 7 cm to make their environment comfortable. Wood shavings are the most advisable: they absorb, do not raise dust and are non-toxic. In addition, the litter improves hygiene and reduces dirt and odors.

House or nest

To best care for a hamster, it is essential to incorporate a cave, house or box where it can sleep, shelter and rest. Inside it will be filled with bedding or nesting material to provide comfort and warmth. In addition, he will place the material himself as he likes, taking it from the cage and putting it inside his hutch or, on the contrary, taking out the excess.

Exercise wheels and toys

Hamsters need exercise every day and wheels are the easiest way to satisfy this need. They love to run inside them and it helps them stay active and fit to keep them healthy and happy. Walking balls are also suitable. These are perfect for your rodent to roam around the house without risk; you will only have to put him inside and let him run freely wherever he wants. Remember to check the area beforehand so that there is no accident, such as a fall.

Tubes and tunnels are a favorite accessory for hamsters. There are cages that incorporate them and connect them from one side to the other on the outside. In addition, there are also modular accessories so that they can move from one area to another through tunnels. You can also incorporate balls, hammocks, ladders… Any accessory that allows them to exercise and have fun.

Drinking fountains

Fresh, clean water should be available to the hamster 24 hours a day. Do not use bowls, as they accumulate more waste and water can spill out and spoil the litter. Drip bottles or dispensers are the best option: they keep the water clean and protected. Place it at a suitable height so that they can drink comfortably.

At Tiendanimal you can find hamster cage kits that include all the accessories so you don’t have to worry about anything: water bowl, feeder, house, tubes, exercise wheel and much more!

Care of a hamster: feeding

In the blog you can find a article very  complete  in which you will know in detail this very important part of how to take care of a hamster: its diet.

Hamsters feed on seeds, grains, plants and insects in the wild. We cannot offer an exact diet to the natural one, but we can imitate it and get close enough to cover their needs and take care of their health. The best way is to combine a commercial food for the species with fruits, vegetables and plants. Occasionally you can offer meat and small insects such as crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms. This way you can be sure that you are providing a complete and balanced diet.

Hamster feed

One of the most important parts of caring for a hamster is feeding it. That’s why in Tiendanimal you can find a wide range of hamster food from the best brands: Cunipic, Versele-Laga, VItakraft, Lolo Pets and Vivanimals.

These formulas are mainly composed of cereals, seeds, vegetables, nuts and herbs and are a complete diet adapted to the hamster’s nutritional needs. You can also find seed bars, fruit bars, vegetable bars and hay bars that they love, provide them with a pastime and help them to wear down their teeth.

Fruits and vegetables

The best fruits for hamsters are: apple, strawberry, banana, peach, berries, cherry. And as for vegetables: carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, zucchini, corn on the cob, spinach, cauliflower, lettuce.

Recommended amount of food:

  • 1 tablespoon of feed + 1 serving of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Occasionally: insects, cooked egg, minced meat, cooked chicken or turkey, fresh cheese, whole grain rice and pasta, lentils.

Tips on how to care for a hamster

  • Take him out of his cage and play with him so that he gets used to you and does not become wild.
  • Dedicate some of your time to it every day.
  • Respect their sleeping hours: they are nocturnal, so they sleep during the day.
  • Never bathe it; hamsters are very hygienic and clean themselves.
  • Clean their cage once a week with soap and water. To disinfect you can use vinegar diluted in water. Let it dry completely and introduce new material or shavings and all its accessories.

We hope that with this post you have been able to learn how to take care of a hamster and, if you still have any questions, write to us!

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