How to tell if a hamster is male or female?

Have you ever wondered how to tell if your hamster is male or female? You may think that it is very complicated to find out by yourself since, at first glance, they do not seem to be distinguishable from each other. However, it is quite simple if you stop for a moment and look at certain morphological characteristics.

Here we explain what you should look for to know if a hamster is male or female and how to tell them apart easily. It is true that their small size makes this task difficult, but it is enough to observe their lower part, just below the tail.

If you only have one hamster, it doesn’t really matter too much to know its sex. However, if you are thinking of having two and do not want to breed, it is important to know what sex they are so that they do not reproduce. Keep in mind that females are in heat every four days and that they can have, depending on the breed, between 3 and 11 offspring in each pregnancy, sometimes even more. It may also be of interest to know if they are male or female when it comes to coexistence: males are territorial and often fight; on the other hand, females get along very well.

How to tell if a hamster is male?

  • Elongated and pointed ass
  • Two separate spots under the tail: penis and anus
  • Two quite prominent lumps on the sides: testicles.
  • No visible nipples
  • Males are larger than females

How to tell if a hamster is female?

  • Rounded ass
  • Two small dots together under the tail: vagina and anus.
  • Six pairs of nipples visible on the sides
  • Females are smaller than males

Tips to see if your hamster is male or female

  • Catch him when he is awake and calm.
  • Stroke him and play with him for a while, as you always do, before you start exploring him.
  • Put it on its back in a way that it is comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Keep in mind that hamsters don’t like to be turned upside down so he may try to roll over.
  • Be sure to hold it securely so that it does not fall or place it on a soft area.
  • The best way to hold him is with one hand under his body, on his back, so that he feels secure. If he is not very still, you can hold him gently with the same hand, like a clamp, with your thumb and forefinger on the neck skin.
  • Hamsters are delicate and easily stressed animals, so do everything very carefully and patiently to avoid hurting or scaring them.

Perhaps, at first glance and seeing only one, you may find it somewhat difficult to know if a hamster is male or female. But if you observe several hamsters, you will easily see the differences between them. Also, it is more difficult to see when they are hatchlings, since they are not yet fully developed. Hamsters reach sexual maturity after 35 days of life and it will be then when you will be able to know for sure their sex.

Anyway, if you still have doubts about the sex of your hamster, you can always go to the vet for clarification. Besides, this way he will take a look at it and check its health!

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