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St. Anton’s Day, the patron saint of animals
Every January 17, the doors of the churches are filled with people who bring their pets to be blessed. The reason is none other than to celebrate St. Anton’s Day, patron
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The mother-to-be should begin to get used to the place where she is going to give birth about two weeks before her due date. She will need a heated, spacious
Alaskan Malamute: everything you need to know
Name Alaskan Malamute Origin Arctic Life expectancy Between 10 and 14 years old Colors White or white mixed with black, gray, reddish, bluish… Hair Average length Height 63.5 cm
Bullmastiff: Characteristics and care
Name Bullmastiff Origin Great Britain Life expectancy Between 8 and 10 years old Colors Beige, brindle, red, reddish beige, reddish beige, reddish beige brindle Hair Short and smooth