Best Axolotl Plants To Greenscape Your Tank

Looking for the best axolotl plants? If you’ve decided to plant your tank, good job! A planted tank provides a more natural environment for your axolotl to play around in while also giving you a chance to make your axolotl tank more aesthetically pleasing. Plants also benefit the tank environment by helping along the nitrogen cycle and sucking nitrates out of the water. They give your axolotl some fun places to explore, and since axolotls prefer low-light environments the more shade the better!

Since axolotls require a low water temperature and prefer dim lighting, the plants in your axolotls tank need to be able to live within those parameters. We talked with a bunch of other axolotl owners about which plants worked best for them, and came up with this:

Java Moss

An extremely hardy yet aesthetically pleasing plant. There’s no need to plant it, you simply tie it down where you want and the roots will attach themselves after a bit. You can attach it to your axolotl’s hide, rocks, or other tank fixtures for a welcome green touch.


Tough and virtually indestructible plant (axolotls are known to take explorative nibbles at plants). Very hardly and low maintenance plant that does just fine in low light/low temperature water environments. Like java moss, it will take root wherever you tie it down, so it’s a pretty easy plant to get established.

Java Fern

This is a plant that really grows like a weed once it’s established. It’s easy to take care of and a tie-down plant like the others listed above, so you can pop it anywhere in your tank. They thrive on low or ambient light, and they’re one of the hardiest aquatic plants around. For axolotls, they’re a perfect fit!


Hornwort is a rootless floating plant (although as in the picture it can be tied down) that also works as a kind of water filter. It sucks tons of ammonia and nitrates out of your tank, keeping your levels in check for a happy and healthy axolotl. It’s easy to grow and does just fine in low-light situations, and if they’re floating around they provide some extra shade for your axolotl!


Also known as the “micro sword” this one is kind of like aquatic grass, plant it in your tank and you can create a visually pleasing underwater “lawn”. This one needs to be planted, but if you don’t want a layer of soil under your substrate you can always pot it up. Lilaeopsis is a fast grower, and left to its own devices it’ll spread as far as you’re happy to let it.

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