Lizard breeds: 10 of the most striking breeds

Do you want to know how many lizard breeds exist and which are the most curious?

Top 10 lizard breeds

There are more than 5,600 different species of lizards and there may be many more that have not yet been discovered! Here are 10 of the most curious and shocking:

  • Gorgonian blue lizard. Known for its characteristic and striking blue-gray color.

  • Chameleon. Popular for their ability to blend in with the environment.

  • Chuckwalla. Its large size makes it very special. Photo by Joshua Tree National Park.

  • Anolis. Lizard known as the “American chameleon” because it can change color.

  • Galapagos marine iguana. It is one of the few species of lizards that is classified as a marine reptile.

  • Gila monster. Lizard feared for its dangerous poison.

  • Thorny devil. It has thick horns everywhere and many cultures consider it an evil animal.

  • Rhinoceros iguana. It has three or five protruding scales on its snout similar to rhinoceros horns.

  • Scorpion lizard. Large size and extremely strong venom.

  • Komodo dragon. Huge and venomous, it can hunt, for example, deer and wild boar for food.

Do you like lizards? Tell us which lizard species has caught your attention the most from our ranking.

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