Domestic swine breeds

There are more than 100 different breeds of pigs that are usually classified into two types of pigs: domestic and farm pigs. In this article we will talk about the PIGS PET The domestic pigs, characterized by their smaller size, are called mini pigs, mini pigs or teacup pigs. Domestic pigs are a variety of wild pig modified by humans to reduce their size. However, their characteristics are practically the same as those of other pigs.

Pigs have a stout, stocky body with a thick skin. Although their skin is tough, it is very sensitive to scratches and tears easily. They have short legs and a generally long snout. They are intelligent, sociable and very sensitive animals. On the other hand, they have a strong and dominant character.

Domestic swine breeds

Mini-pigs were not initially created to be companion animals, but for use in research and experimentation. However, they would later become popular as pets. There are about 14 mini pig breeds classified by the North American Mini Pig Association into four groups, according to their height and age. For a pig to be considered a minipig, it must not exceed 50.8 cm in height or 68 kg in adult weight.

Classification by height:

  • Category 1: Up to 35.5 cm
  • Category 2: From 35.5 to 40.6 cm (12 to 25 inches)
  • Category 3: From 40.6 to 45.7 cm (18 to 18.7 in.)
  • Category 4: From 45.7 to 50.8 cm (18 to 19 inches)

Age classification:

  • Juveniles: Less than 16 months
  • Adolescents: Between 16 months and 5 years
  • Adults: Over 5 years old

What are the main breeds of domestic pigs?

The following breeds are the most popular as there are others that are rarer or extinct.


It is possibly a cross between the domestic pig and the red polecat. It has a slender and athletic body, without a bulging abdomen. It also has no dewlap or skin folds. Its coat can be of different colors: white, black, reddish, silver, mottled or cream with spots. It has a maximum weight and height of 32 kg and 43 cm.


Crossbreeding of Minnesota, Vietnamese and German Landrace pigs in the 1960s in Germany for use in research. Known for its small size, weighing between 35 and 45 kg. Its good health status means that this breed of pig is still used today in biomedical research.

Vietnamese or pot-bellied

This is possibly the best known mini-pig breed. Many people buy it as a pet thinking that it will not grow, but this breed can weigh up to 136 kg (the smallest specimens can weigh from 32 kg). However, due to its short legs, its height is between 40 and 70 cm. Its body is robust, with a big belly, dewlap and folds in the skin of the face.


A breed of pastoral pig originating in Asia and brought to New Zealand in the 19th century. They have a round and hairy body, with short legs, broad head and a pair of tassels hanging from the lower jaw. They weigh between 60 and 200 kg and measure between 53.3 and 76.2 cm. They can be black, white, beige, gold, ginger or cream in color.


From the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, it is characterized by the absence of hair on its body and by its slate-gray color. They weigh between 70 kg for females and 83 kg for males, with an average height of 57 cm. They have an elongated and narrow head, with a more slender body and longer legs than the other breeds.

American Guinea

Developed in the southern United States 200 years ago from the Landrace pig. It is usually black-haired and measures between 55 and 68 cm in height and 117-142 cm in length.

Other breeds of domestic pigs categorized as mini-pigs are:

  • Mulefoot
  • Ossabaw Island
  • Meishan
  • Hanford Mini Swine
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