How much does a pig weigh?

There are countless different breeds of pigs, each with its own characteristics. However, with the exception of some miniature pigs, they all have in common their large size and heavy, round body with short legs, but how much does a pig weigh?

The weight of the pigs can range from as little as 30 kg to 400 kg. As can their length, which can range from 50 cm to 2 m. We tell you the characteristics of the main pig breeds and how much each one weighs.

How much does a domestic pig weigh?

There are some breeds of pigs that have been genetically modified to reduce their size as much as possible. At first, this was done to experiment and research with them, but later, from 2009, they became popular as pets. These are the mini pigs, also called mini pigs or teacup pigs.

Within the category of dwarf pigs we can find different breeds and, among them, not only the appearance varies, but also the size and weight. The American Mini-Pig Association establishes a classification according to the height of the animal that divides them into four categories:

  • Category 1: less than 35.5 cm
  • Category 2: from 35.5 to 40.6 cm (11 to 16 inches)
  • Category 3: from 40.6 to 45.7 cm (16 to 18 inches)
  • Category 4: from 45.7 to 50.8 cm (18 to 19 inches)

On the other hand, the Association also establishes a division by age: juveniles (less than 16 months old), adolescents (between 16 months and 5 years old) and adults (older than 5 years old).

How much does a pig weigh Juliana?

The Juliana pig weighs less than 33 kg and is less than 44 cm tall. It is a cross between the domestic pig and the red potamoquero. It is the breed with the slimmest figure, without the characteristic hanging belly that pigs of other breeds have. They also have no dewlap or skin folds.

How much does a Göttingen weigh?

The Göttingen weighs between 35 and 45 kg. This one is a little larger than the Juliana but still quite slender, although it does have a bulging belly. This breed is noted for its good health and for being very clean.

How much does a Vietnamese pig weigh?

This is certainly the best known breed of all. And it is not exactly the smallest. Vietnamese pigs can weigh up to 136 kg, although some specimens weigh less than 40 kg. Despite weighing more than 100 kg, their morphology makes them stand between 40 and 71 cm tall, as they have very short legs.

It is a very robust pig, with a large belly, creases in the face that become more pronounced with age and a large dewlap.

Many people buy this breed thinking that it will not grow and then they are surprised, being the cause of many abandonments.

How much does a Kunekune pig weigh?

This breed ranges from 60 to 200 kg, with a height from 53.3 to 76.2 cm. It is a pig with a short snout and a hairy body, with two very characteristic balls hanging from its lower jaw.

It is a pastoral pig originating from Asia and brought to New Zealand in the 19th century.

What about the Yucatan pig?

It weighs around 70-80 kg, with females being smaller than males. Their height is between 57 and 76 cm.

This pig is named after the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where it originates. It is easy to differentiate it from other breeds since it has no hair and its legs are longer. It is a pig with a very docile character.

There are other mini-pig breeds, such as the American Guinea or Mulefoot, but these are the most common and popular. In addition, most do not fit the height standards set by the American Mini-Pig Association.


  • The heaviest pig in history was recorded in Tennessee in 1933, at 1,155 kg and almost 3 m in length.
  • Another 895 kg pig was recorded in China, which died in 2004, and a 749 kg pig in 2017.
  • Now you know how much a pig weighs but, if you want to know a lot more about these animals.
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