The fastest animals in the world

Have you ever wondered which is the fastest animal in the world? What speed is it capable of reaching? In this article we will tell you which are the fastest running animals in nature. And no, the list is not headed by the cheetah… we’re sure you’ll be surprised!

Did you know that there are animals that can reach speeds faster than the best racing cars? Incredible! Read on to find out what they are!

Top fastest animals on the planet

We have made a selection of the fastest land and aquatic animals, including mammals, birds, fish and even insects.

The Peregrine Falcon

This beautiful bird flies at almost 100 km/h on average. But, BEWARE, it can reach 360 km/h in a dive to capture its prey, making it the fastest animal of all.

The Swift

This other swallow-like bird flies at a speed of 170 to 200 km per hour. These species spend most of their lives flying, only roosting to lay eggs, incubate them and raise their chicks. This means that they feed, breed and sleep in the air.

Mako Shark

One of the most dangerous predators in the oceans is also one of the animals that can reach speeds of up to 124 km per hour.

The Cheetah Cheetah

With a speed of over 120 km/h, the cheetah ranks fourth on the list of the fastest animals on the planet. Moreover, it can reach it in just a few meters.

One of the most beautiful big cats, with a unique spotted coat and an athletic body. This predator also has a good sense of sight and smell which, together with its speed, make it infallible when stalking and hunting its prey.


Did you think speed was only for land animals? Well, you will be surprised to know that this fish is practically at the same level as the cheetah, being able to swim at 110 km per hour.

The sailfish is about 3 meters long and weighs more than 100 kg. It is considered one of the most elegant species living in the seas because of its size and the characteristic sail shape of its upper fin, as well as its elongated and sharp snout.


This species is also one of the fastest animals in the world. It is similar in appearance to the sailfish due to its characteristic pointed snout. However, although a normal specimen measures between 2 and 3 meters and weighs around 120 kg, there are specimens that can exceed 4 meters in length and 500 kg in weight. What they do have in common is the speed they can reach, 100 km per hour.

The Hummingbird

This small, brightly colored and beautiful little bird reaches 100 km/h in flight. Its wings move so fast that the only way we can detect its movement is in slow motion.

The Dragonfly

Did you expect that an insect could enter this list and could be one of the fastest animals? Well, indeed, the average flight of this curious insect is 25 km/h, but it can fly up to 100 km/h. Amazing!

El Berrendo

This antelope can run at about 80 km/h, making it the fastest mammal in North America. However, its maximum recorded speed is 98 km/h. Therefore, it is rare for this species to be killed by another animal such as bobcats or coyotes.

Siberian Tiger

The majestic and impressive Amur tiger can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h. Considering the resistance offered by the snow and its large size, this is a more than considerable speed for this big cat.

The Carolinas Squirrel

This cute little rodent is also one of the fastest animals in the world and can run up to 90 km/h (56 mph).

The Eastern Gray Kangaroo

With its two-meter height and strong hind legs, the giant kangaroo can reach speeds of 50 to 80 km per hour.

Thomson’s Gazelle

This other antelope is no slouch either, as it can also reach 80 km/h (50 mph). It is considered the second fastest mammal in Africa, behind the cheetah.

This species is followed by the common antelope, with a speed of up to 70 km/h (43 mph).

The Ostrich

The bird that runs instead of flies is the third fastest bird in the world. Its strong, athletic legs can reach speeds in excess of 70 km per hour. Not only that, but unlike other animals with higher speeds, the ostrich can keep up the pace for several kilometers.

The Horse

Horses, commonly used in ancient times as a method of transportation for humans, can travel between 65 and 70 km per hour.

El Coyote

This mammal of the wolf family is also one of the fastest animals in the world. It runs around 65 km/h. Its speed, agility, sense of smell and eyesight make it an excellent hunter.

The European Hare

The small common hare is able to sneak and escape from its predators thanks to its great agility and its speed of 60 km/h at a run.

This is our list of the fastest animals on the planet but, of course, there are many more. Do you know any of them? Tell us about them!

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