Bach Flowers for dogs and cats

Can I give Bach flowers to my dog? Can I treat my cat with Bach flowers? This is a very common question and the answer is simple: yes, as long as it is done by specialists.

When should I use Bach flowers for dogs and cats?

Pets, just like us, define their personality thanks to their life experiences, as well as their DNA. They can be very affectionate or on the contrary become surly, they can be brave or a bit fearful. Sometimes their personality goes to extremes that are not even healthy for them. For example, if they are very fearful of strangers or if they are down and sad for a long period of time. These are signs that something is wrong and, as animal lovers, we are sure to notice it immediately.

Is giving Bach flowers enough to help my dog or cat?

Bach flowers help your pet to feel better mentally and physically, but it is also important to combine the treatment with a series of good habits that reinforce the positive experience and correct any trauma that the dog or cat may have suffered and that has generated that small imbalance in his personality.

Bach flowers for dogs and cats are an alternative and natural treatment that can never harm our pets, but it is important that the doses are applied correctly and that the prescriptions are formulated by specialists to treat the specific problem.

Can I give Bach flowers to my dog if she is pregnant?

Of course, there is no contraindication if your dog or cat is pregnant or lactating, remember to consult your veterinarian.

What symptom can my pet present to need Bach Flowers?

Normally, dogs and cats can go through situations that are very stressful for them even if they are not so stressful for us. For example, imagine moving house: you’ve decided to move, you’ve planned it and you know what’s coming next. A move is a stressful time for anyone, but imagine if you did it without knowing it, that is, if you suddenly found yourself in a different house, in a different neighborhood, without any explanation.

This is what happens to pets, they do not know what is happening and, therefore, this situation can be very stressful. When faced with changes like this, we may notice that our dog or cat is more nervous, sad or confused. At times like this is when we should consider talking to a specialist to see if Bach flowers for dogs and cats can help them overcome these small traumas.

Among the most frequent symptoms to start Bach flower treatments for pets are:

  • Sudden sadness
  • Nervousness beyond the usual
  • Increased jealousy, e.g., at the arrival of another pet or a baby
  • Tendency to urinate at home
  • Self-injury, e.g., excessive scratching or licking
  • Destructive tendency, e.g., instead of playing, they bite or scratch other objects such as furniture

Bach Flower Groups for Pets

Bach flowers are 38 species that are divided into 7 groups according to the needs of the different emotional states of pets. There are specific flowers to treat loneliness, fear, uncertainty, lack of attention, hypersensitivity, despondency and worry or stress.

Are Bac h flowers for dogs and cats in the shape of a flower?

They are usually presented in formats containing the specific mixture of essences for the dog or cat in question and distilled water so that the formula is balanced, presented in a 30 ml bottle with dropper.

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