How a rabbit cage should look like inside the house

Rabbits make excellent pets for people who live in small apartments or don’t have time to spend with a dog. But be careful! Rabbits also need you to dedicate a few hours to play or clean their cages, although it is not necessary to take them for a daily walk.

As we always recommend for other small mammal species, the cage should be as large as possible. These are the factors to take into account:

  • The space you have available in the room
  • The size of the rabbit
  • The time you can spend exercising outside the cage

Your rabbit should have enough room to stretch out comfortably inside the cage. At a minimum, the base should measure 4 times the length of the adult rabbit if it has the possibility of spending some time on the loose. Otherwise it should be even larger. Remember to sector the cage so that your pet has a space to sleep, another with the litter tray, a place to eat and another to entertain itself with its toys for rabbits. They do not need to be separated by walls, but there should be enough room for everything. If the room is small, you can have a cage on two levels with a ramp, so that it does not take up so much room.

It is important that your rabbit’s cage has good ventilation, that you place it in a place in the house that is away from drafts and where it does not get direct sunlight (unless it is only in one part of the cage). Look for a place where you can see the activity in the house, since rabbits enjoy contact with people. If they are too isolated they can suffer from boredom and stress. If they are left alone for long hours, you can leave music playing or program the TV to turn on for a few hours during the day.

Wire floors should be avoided because they tend to hurt the rabbits’ feet. The feet of the smallest rabbits can even get caught between the rods. If you have such a cage, you can cover the floor with carpet, artificial grass or cardboard. On the other hand, the solid floor gets dirtier because urine accumulates and therefore requires more frequent cleaning. A highly absorbent substrate that stays dry on the surface is essential to maintain the hygiene of the rabbit cage. Your rabbit’s bedding can be padded with hay, newspaper or wood shavings. It is better if it can have a small house or a closed box where it can hide.

Take your rabbit for a walk whenever you have the opportunity, for this you will find it very useful a rodent carrier, such as those used for dogs. You can also put a harness for rabbits and take them on a leash. A great option is the closed parks, where you can give freedom to your pet, but at the same time you can control that it does not have an accident.

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